i'm making this post for a number of reasons.

my great aunt died in the middle of this week.

the wake is today, funeral tomorrow.

at first i thought this wouldn't have a big impact on me. we weren't that close. but the more i think about it, i think about how important she was to my noni, my mom, my family, and me. she was my noni's sister, my mom's aunt. 100% italian. a few years ago her husband, my great uncle died.
i wasn't that close to him, just knew he was a cool guy. little did i know how cool her was. i inherited his reel to reel recorder/player, record player, and his record collection of really old classical records from the 40's, dance records from the 50's and 60's, perry como, mario lanza, some rat pack mostly dean martin, and lots of sergio franchi records.
when my noni died i was devastated. absolutely miserable for weeks if not months. to this day if i'm reminded of her i have to hold back. i've burst out in tears on the T and walking around harvard square just from being reminded. she was the most important person in my life. anyone who knows of my mom, either knows or has heard that she is the sweetest woman that's ever lived. when people tell me this i kind of smile and reply "you should have met HER mom." i think one of the biggest reasons that my noni's death chnaged my life is that i had been avoiding visiting her for awhile before she was admitted into the hospital. not because i didn't want to see her, but because i didn't want to go to her house. she lived in a first floor apartment of a duplex that later became a three level house. the people who live in the second and third floors are my cousins. my mom's sister's family. she has i think 10 children and 1 grandchild all living there. extremely catholic. and they never made it easy for my noni. and it just hurt to see her there. and i hated dealing with the family above her. i visited her everyday in the hospital and a year after the funeral my mom, my little sister, and i visited her at the cemetery. i immediately broke out once we stopped walking. i just wish i had spent more time with her.
now i'm about an hour away from going to her sister's wake. i haven't seen my great aunt in a long time. and she was again, way more important than i realized. another extremely sweet 100% italian woman who stayed strong and positive her entire life. my mom now only has her 2 aunts in italy that speak very very little english and are both in their 90's.

i have a lot more to say but i have to get on a train to meet my older sister.

to be continued...

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coming up at almost a year working at cumberland farms.

not graduating this year.
but i can still walk and get a blank diploma, but i REALLY don't care to do that.

so i need to go back in the Fall for ONE FUCKING CLASS because the teacher of that class who also so happens to be my ADVISOR wouldn't just slide me the extra 5 points i needed to graduate.


oh yeah,
i got a macbook.

no more using a family computer.

i wonder if reid remembers that blu and i are coming to visit this june.
i'll be there for Bonnaroo which i'm absolutely stoked for and thats June 12-15 i think.
so blu is coming down on the 15th and we're going to stay for a few days,
so i won't have to take a plane home.

i told him about that when we were drunk, so i doubt he remembers.

grades and schedule

Sports Entertainment
whatever, still passes

Record Company Operations

Entertainment Law and Ethics
actually reall happy about that, class was kinda hard especially since i was failing it right before the midterm.

Term GPA: 2.33
Cum GPA: 2.90


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
2:30pm - 3:20pm
Advertising and Promotion

Monday, Wednesday
3:30pm - 4:45
Event Management

11:00am - 12:15
Entertainment Management Internship

shouldn't be too hard at all.
picking up piano lessons for monday nights.
have this friend justin who's going to help me manage bands.

everything should be groovy.
i hope.

2008, don't suck as bad as 2007 and we'll be cool.

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so it's been a month since my last entry?

finished a nother semester at college.
only have one more to go, 3 classes.

might be getting an internship at the only good record label is boston.

if i had a passport i would be on my way to germany with The Homefront right about now.

good thing i don't have a passport because fucking REID is coming home and i'm going to cream all over his leg. sorry, albit drunk right now.

but seriously him and caitlin will be here for a few days and i'm very very excited because i haven't seen caitlin since she was here last like a long time ago, and reid since he left here which feels like forever ago.
speaking of which after caitlin accidentally called me a few night ago i had a dream that i saw her and reid in a tight hallway of a house i've never been in before, but i think it was supposed to be reid's house in my dream but it looked nothing like it. anyway i had a bottle of a beer in my hand and i excitedly said hey and hugged them, next thing i remember we (reid, caitlin, blu, andrew, and myself) were all in blu's new room smoking opium and playing mahjongg.

i don't fucking know but i'm pumped for the festival of 18725901234 beers this friday night. i'm going to try and get a 30 of COORS, not corrs light but the fucking pissa old school tan and brown cans. maty del !

i wondmer waht i got for christmas
it's a pagan holiday anyway and jesus probably hates you for celebrating it.

Oh, i didn't get anyone their gifts yet, only timmy and andrew, i've been working way too much and never got the chance to, so everyone 'm grtting a gift for is getting them like wednesday or thursday.
i know, i suck. BALLS.

i'm nervous,
i'm tired
i have to work at 8am tomorrow, bloody fucking hell.
where are my cigarettes, who are you.
double time bitches and free coffee.

merry yip

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i'm missing something here.

it's been very difficult for me to enjoy myself lately.
and by "lately" i mean the past 6 months or so.

i don't know what's wrong.

recap of the past month.
canada was sick, i've never had that unhealthy of a weekend before in my entire life. we drank a lot of beers, smoked a lot of cigarettes, and that's basically all we did. watched the red sox kick ass and made asses of ourselves. oh we all got some tattoo's. my brothers john and carl and my older sister lisa and her boyfriend came with me tim and blu. it was a really good time.

bob dylan and elvis costello was awesome. though i could only recognize like every other song dylan played because they played them totally different and the dude mumbles incoherently, but seriously i would have paid the money just to see him, hearing him sing and play keyboard was just an extra. costello rocked it acoustic and solo, it was amazing.

school is awful, i'm failing 3 out of my 4 classes. my bad.

working at 5am almost every morning, getting back home around 10 or 12, then leaving at 1 for class, getting back home just before 6pm then doing whatever i have to do at home, like eat, check emails and all that, and keep a social life.

tim and i waited in line at fenway park for 19 hours overnight to get tickets to Game 7 of the ALCS. it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

red sox won the world series.

partying like every weekend, mostly at mission hill at dan pellets place. last night was ridiculous, tons of nudity, promiscuity (?), and puking. and being in the same house with all of that going on made me feel really old, like Danny Glover old.

i need to meet some new people.

i just feel like everyone i know is doing better than i am.

i need another vacation.

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so a week from today i'll packing to go to canada.
a week from two days ago i'll be seeing Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan
a week from monday it will be my birthday

it's going to be the greatest.

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i think i might pick up piano lessons.

i like self learning but i don't like not being self motivated.
i need an extra push to spend every second i have playing.

and i think if i'm spending a bunch of money every week to learn, that'll be enough motivation.

i have the weirdest influences to want to play piano and guitar:
bob dylan, small brown bike, justin timberlake, vanna, and some others but those are the main ones.

i think starting sunday i'll be working the schedule I made for myself except i won't have saturday nights off. it's a pretty sick schedule consisting of me having mondays and thursdays off, but waking up at 4:30am on tuesday, wednesday, and friday. which will give me every weeknight off BUT i'll have to work saturday night AND sunday nights. until we hire some more kids then i'll only have to close on Sunday night and work a day shift saturday. but it's a total of 37 hours and fits perfectly around my school hours and lets me skateboard every day.

on a more depressing note.
i think i forgot how to like a girl enough to like..date her.

i may have accidentally became A-sexual.


let's trip balls and watch Across The Universe.

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i can't tell what is a waste of time or not anymore.

something happened at work last night, after i rushed directly from the train station to my house just long enough to change into work clothes and then rush to work. it came time to empty out the trash barrels and put new bags in, a simple task i don't really mind doing. but my boss told me that "they want us to double bag on the trashes now" so that they won't leak and stain the sidewalks and what not. and if that wasn't a big enough pain in the ass, just as i was leaving to do the trashes a customer comes in and complains about how there's no windshield washer fluid in any of the pocket things. so i had to do that while taking out 7 overfull trash bags and putting two new ones in. maybe i'm just being a little bitch about this but i look inside the store to see if there is a line and the girl i was working with taps her wrist where a watch would be as to tell me i'm taking too long. and as i turn back fumbling with all the shit in my hands a couple walks out of the store and says "fun job huh?" to which i reply with a sarcastic "yeah and they pay me so much for it."

and school sucks, i have all the same teachers in the same class rooms with the same class mates. so i feel like i'm learning the same shit all over again. i just want to get an intership or a job and drop out. thats what i should have done instead of going to college.

waste of time.
or maybe not.

(no subject)

i really need to go to sleep
but i just wanted to do this.

first day of school.
and it feels like i never stopped doing it. drove the same route to the same parking spot. locked my keys in my car. took the same train to the same spot. saw the same people in the same classroom with the same teachers. ate the same food, drank the same coffee.

less depressing note.
saw a woman trip on the unforgiving streets of boston. dropped her purse, plastic bag, broke her glasses, road rash right underneath her left eye. i was smoking a cigarette talking to my good friend Phillip and this other kid I remembered from last semester and we all immediately ran to her and helped her out. we picked up her shit, helped her up, walked her to the bathrooms in our school building that she tripped right in front of. we kept asking if she was alright, if she wanted a band-aid, all that stuff. she was very polite but what the real surprise was was how surprised she was that we reacted the way we did and helped her out. turns out she was from New York where they probably would have killed, robbed, and raped her for tripping on the street. the last bit was my own interpretation, but she was from New York.

also, i might be in a Dane Cook/Kate Hudson movie, i was walking to Dunkin Donuts and there was this crowd of people across the street from what appeared to be a wedding, but apparently it was a movie shoot because this guy started walking with me and just whispered "keep moving, don't stop, you're in the shot just keep moving and don't look" to which i replied "i just want a breakfast sandwich, i don't want to be in a movie" and he said "ok go get your breakfast sandwich." i wish i saw Dane Cook to explain to him how he's not funny, and yelling every joke that has a punchline "punch in the face" isn't a comedy style, but all i got were extras wearing suits and dresses, but i saw one of the stoner/surfer dudes from that movie Orange County except i couldn't think of that when he walked by me so i just said loud enough for him to hear me and see me pointing at him "oh i know him, he looks very familiar, he's definitely from something." i'm such an ass. i was talking to my friend who walked into Dunkin Donuts as i was walking out. we talked for a long time about books and stuff, he said one of his roommates in his apartment in Allston is leaving in December. I'm going to start looking for jobs in/around the city.

more depressing note.
waking up at 8am
leaving house at 10am
arriving at school around 11:30am
meeting with my advisor to switch a class
which means i don't have to go to my 1:40pm class because i just switched out of it.
class at 3:05pm - 4:10pm
getting back home around 5:40pm
working 6pm - 11pm

lets see how quickly Dunkin Donuts can remember my order, Supreme Omelette with Cheese (NO MEAT) on whatever they have available that tickles my fancy at that particular time, Medium Frech Vanilla Iced Coffee (Regular).

i need an mp3 player and a laptop. what's up Mac?
i'm going to canada for 4 nights in the beginning of October to celebrate my 20th birthday, Columbus Day, Canadian Thanksgiving, and the drinking age of 18. i'll probably spend damn close to $600 on this trip because i don't want to be able to communicate. not a good idea but it needs to be done.
All Are Welcome.